State Street Creations 

Sweet Potato Pancakes     10.5

Goat cheese butter, sliced almonds, fresh nutmeg, blueberries, three strips of bacon

Crepe Burrito    

Fresh blackberries, brie, eggs, bacon, aged balsamic, maple syrup

Olive Oil Poached Egg Whites       

tomato, avocado, basil, crispy shiitake mushrooms, EVOO and Balsamic reduction

State Street Skillet          

Pork belly, fresh ground sausage , potato cake, hen of the wood mushrooms,
roasted kale, tomato, sunny side up egg

Stuffed Croissant          

strawberries, goat cheese, fig glaze

Gravlax BLT on Croissant         

arugula, neuske bacon, tomato, house cured gravlax, freshly baked croissant

Deconstructed Brunch Burger       

sunny side up egg, cheddar cheese, fresh ground burger, crispy bacon, hashbrowns 

Slow Roasted Hand Cut Turkey Breast Sandwich      9

bacon, iceberg lettuce, tomato & olive oil

The Classics

Chef's Choice Omelette of the Day **ask your server**

add egg whites .50 


Local Favorite, served on house made english muffin with a side of arugula salad

Each version topped with State Street light hollandaise Sauce

Lobster 19       Chorizo 12         Steak 15

2 Eggs Your Way      9

Choice of bacon or sausage patty, potatoes, toasted english muffin 9

add pork belly 3.50

Croissant Egg Sandwich     9

Eggs cooked to your preference, bacon or sausage, American or cheddar cheese

Fresh Fare

Veggie Hash      11

Brussel Sprouts, shiitake mushrooms, shallots, sweet potato, 2 eggs cooked your way

add corned  beef 5

Roasted Acorn Squash     11

eggs, tomato, crispy shiitake mushrooms, fresh grated parmesan

Chopped Butter Lettuce Salad      11

American bleu cheese, bacon lardon, fresh corn, avocado, tomato, toasted walnut, verjus-honey vinaigrette

(Add: beef tenderloin 9, gulf shrimp 6, salmon 6, or all natural chicken breast 5)


Neuske Bacon      4

Veggie Hash    6

Croissant     5

French Fries 3.75

Local Ground Sausage Patties    5

Pork Fat Potatoes      4

House Made Muffin     5

**All eggs are fresh from free range chickens


French 75


Corpse Reviver

Papa's Coffee

Bubbly White Oak 

State Street Bloody Mary